9 Traits of a Great Ad Advertisments that Get Heard

  1. Sell benefits rather than features: People buy based on what the product does for them not what ingredients it has.
  2. Promotes the company and brand while visually creating an image for it. Creative is what Ads that Get Noticed!!separates the company’s image from its competition.
  3. Speak to a specific group of people—not everybody.
  4. Provide all the facts a reader needs without providing to many.
  5. One central, simple message—less is more. It also has to be believable and honest.
  6. Sell answers to consumer’s needs and wants. If a person needs transportation, they want a sports car. If they need food, they want a juicy steak.
  7. White space. Crammed ads get poor results because readers don’t want to work that hard.
  8. Include a call to action. What do you want them to do?
  9. Nowadays people are looking for good value—not necessarily cheapest but best value for the money. This can include aspects like quality, service and image—these can add more value to the customer and more cash in your pocket. Playground