Heading Up the Team

A veteran with over 30 years of experience, Bill Madden leads and oversee every project that goes through Color 9 Creative. He has worked with start-up businesses as well as taking Bill Maddenexisting companies to the next level by developing and establishing brand personalities that match the companies’ strengths and abilities. Bill has created and developed national and global advertising campaigns for Gateway, Inc., Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Marriott International while also helping small businesses on tight budgets. He has transformed a nearly discontinued catalog to a profitable title, causing revenues to triple within a year. Besides print, he has built an ecommerce division within two companies, developed web presence for multiple businesses, created and maintained email and web banner marketing and direct the development and strengthening of social media for clients.

Working for advertising agencies, a direct marketing company, a Fortune 500 company and now leading Color 9 Creative, has given Bill the opportunity to not only work with many presidents, CEOs and senior management, but also lead and mentor creative teams. Bill has also developed a program called The Creative Think Tank, a workshop to inspire others to begin thinking on a different level of creativity. He has spoke on a number of occasions on topics such as The Art of Branding, The Value of Design and What Makes a Great Ad. Besides speaking engagements, Bill has had the privilege of being a member on judging panels for marketing/design competitions, and has led group discussions in business education seminars with topics regarding branding and design.

In addition to speaking on branding, helping clients build their brand, he has developed The Art of Branding Workbook. This workbook helps business build the foundation of their business so they can know who they are and what makes them different then everyone else.

Download the Color 9 Brand Checklist to see if you have the assists that help build a strong brand. 

Now how can Bill use his experience to help you build relationships with your customers? Give him a call or drop him an email. Playground