What Makes a Great Logo?

Your logo represents the face of your company or business—what does yours say about who you are? The following is a starting point to help you identify some of the attributes that make up a strong identity.

  • Simple & Clean. Easier to recognize and more memorable then a complex version.
  • Memorable. If you can’t remember it how will it strengthen your brand? Can you describe it to someone in words or picture form?
  • Effective in Black & White. Color is secondary; a logo needs to be able to work as a single color or in a black and white for newspapers, photo copying and faxing (yes faxes are still used). Color should be the last part of the process and should enhance the logo not rescue it.
  • Scalable. It must be usable on a golf ball to a billboard, from print to web and still hold it’s integrity and readability. Avoid using too thin of a line. Thin lines can disappear or break up in some publications and on-line.
  • Longevity. Stay away from fad typefaces and icons that will soon be old-fashioned.
  • Appropriate. The logo mark needs to be a reflection of the company—after all it is the face that represents the company to the public. If it doesn’t convey information about your business, it’s not serving its purpose. Playground