Direct Mail that Make Great Impressions

Connect with others in a tried and true way. Be proactive and put your information in the hands of the ones you want to do business with or keep in contact with your existing customers. According to the United States Postal Service the majority of consumers in general like to get mail: “Many people look forward to receiving their daily mail. In fact, 98 percent of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77 percent sort through it immediately.” Plus, in this electronic age it can add a more personal touch to your marketing.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Global Sales Incentive Program Mailer
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Division: Team HOT

Global Sales Incentive Program Mailer

A direct mail campaign to the sales division of Starwood Hotels & Resorts worldwide properties. Designed to give the sales reps incentives, tools and recognition for referrals made to other Starwood properties. The sports theme helps build the team camaraderie of all the properties.

The locker contains all the elements of the program for the director of sales at each property. Included in the locker is the "Play Book" folder that consists of the following: 1) "Rule Book"; 2) a copy of the "Are You Game" brochures for each salesperson explaining the program, incentives and rewards; 3) "Top 10" reward trips card for each salesperson, on the other side of the card is a "Score Card" which allows them to keep track of leads and revenue. Also included in the locker, are two "Scoreboard" posters for each team (hotel) to keep track of sales and goals to attain the rewards each team could receive. What salespersons doesn’t like a reward before they get started? Each locker held two aluminum bottles...yes, everyone received one. We shipped the remaining bottles in another box depending on how many sales reps each hotel had.

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Kaiser Institute Program in Intuition Direct Mailer
Kaiser Institute Program in Intuition

Learning Organization for CEOs, CFOs & Director Levels in the Medical Field

Direct Mailer

The "Intuition" direct mailer introduces the recipient to an alternative view of medicine. This piece describes a program that is more right brain than left, looking inward rather than outward and a key to a new approach to medicine.

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Hannibal-LaGrange College Search Piece, Direct Mailer
Hannibal-LaGrange College

Search Piece, Mailer

The search piece is an introduction to what and who Hannibal-LaGrange College is. It is mailed to potential students enticing them to mail in the attached card for the viewbook that gives the student a broader look at the college. The returned card also allows the college to gather more information about the students.
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Project Harmony, Child Protection & Victim Agency. Project Harmony Service League Membership Brochure/Mailer
Project Harmony

Child Protection & Victim Agency

Project Harmony Service League Membership Brochure/Mailer

An educational piece mailed to prospective donors about the purpose and mission of the organization to help children in troubled situations. A visual timeline is designed into the inside top of the mailer to show the progress of a child from the time they enter to the success over time. Also included was a call to action to become a donor at one of the multiple levels.

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Colorful Characters Catalog
Colorful Characters


This new catalog concept was developed from the ground up. The purpose was to give the consumer a wide variety of colorful characters to shop from and to express the character in themselves. From Curious George and Disney to Pink Panther and SpongeBob, this catalog has them covered. We positioned the catalog to be more upscale than the competitors to add value and confidences in the products and add a little nostalgia with the color palette. A marriage of contemporary design, with a little retro stirred in capture the hearts of the baby boomers.

Having no brand recognition and everyone on the mailing list being prospects, the company was very happy that the first book was a profitable one. In its first seven months the catalog generated an estimated $1.2 million in sales and the customer file grew from zero to 18,000.

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Color 9 Creative, Inc. Greeting Cards Direct Mailers
Color 9 Creative, Inc.

Greeting Cards Direct Mailers

These cards are sent to prospective and current clients to educate them about Color 9 Creative and includes some fun facts. Drop us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to drop these in the mail to you.

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Grace University Programs Mailer
Grace University

Programs Mailer

Postcards were the direct mail vehicle of the marketing campaign that included outdoor boards, collateral material, magazine and newspaper ads to showcase the different programs Grace University offers. It also reinforced the tagline of “The Power of Grace” in each of the specific department.

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Boulevard Gardens Landscaping Company Postcard Mailing Campaign
Boulevard Gardens

Landscaping Company

Postcard Mailing Campaign

Urbanatural is Boulevard Garden’s designer line of outdoor living. Tying urban living and nature together into a custom living space designed specifically to the client’s wants and needs. This is highlighted in these mailers to introduce potential clients to the opportunity of having Boulevard Garden’s create this experience for them in a large or small manner.

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Professional Veterinary Products Veterinary Supply Company Follow-Up Postcards
Professional Veterinary Products (PVP)

Veterinary Supply Company

Follow-Up Postcards

These postcards were used as a follow-up for their lunch and learns and would recap the information that was covered. Not only did they get another chance to highlight valuable information for their clients, it gave them an opportunity to put their name in front of their current and prospective clients in a positive way.

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Seldin Company Commercial Real Estate Postcards
Seldin Company

Commercial Real Estate


Two postcards in a series to inform commercial property owners that Seldin is positioned to help them in a number of ways to manage their property and be more profitable. It allowed Seldin to follow-up with these prospects as a warm call instead of a cold call.

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