Logos, Corporate Identities & Event Icons that are custom designed to be as Unique as You are.

The face of a company begins with the logo. Just like you are unique and friends can recognize you in a picture or in person, a logo is your company’s identity that helps other recognize you in a crowd. From the first introduction on a business card to shouting to passer-byers on a building, it is the identifier that represents the personality of your business.

iVE Synbiotics™ logo
iVE Synbiotics™

Synbiotic Health, Inc.

iVE is a Synergistic Synbiotic™. A scientificly designed synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic) supplement developed by Synbiotic Health, Inc.

Synergistic—the total is greater than the sum of the parts.
iVE logo sideways showing the meaning of the products “synergistic” quality of 3 [iVE] is  greater than the sum of 1 [Prebiotic] + 1 [Probiotic]

Learn more about iVE.

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Magnify Inspections Logo

Magnify Inspections

A home inspection company for realtors, homeowners and home builders. Promoting the aspect that they look at the details and inform their clients about the good and troubled parts of the dwelling.

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Derr & Howell Logo
Derr & Howell

These lawyers wanted a contemporary look with a slight edge for their new image, partnership and office.

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Open Sky Concert Series Logo
Open Sky Concert Series

An outdoor summer concert series featuring a wide genre of performers.

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The FinalRep Logo
The FinalRep

An in-home personal fitness training firm. They customize their fitness, weight lifting, nutrition, Yoga/Pilates and massage therapy programs around the client’s needs and goals.

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FisherMen Logo

A contemporary Christian music ministry.

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Club Heaven Logo
Club Heaven

Christian ministry.

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Child ink. Logo
Child ink.

A child protection group.

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Gerkin Windows & Doors
Gerkin Windows & Doors

Corporate identify signifying Gerkin windows and doors are a high quality product that is slender and light.

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Gateway Solo Logo
Gateway Solo

Icon for a line of Gateway portable computers to indicate the freedom you receive with their product.

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts Icon
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Icon for Starwoods first global sales blitz.

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Dick Lind Custom Homes Logo
Dick Lind Custom Homes

High end custom home builder.

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CREW Boot Camp Icon
CREW Boot Camp

Icon for a Commercial Real Estate Workshop/Conference.

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MidWest Distributing Logo
MidWest Distributing

Wholesale Distributor and service company of restaurant equipment and supplies. Arrows represent that they take care of their customers through the whole life cylce of their products. How many arrows can you find in the icon?

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Black Belt Movers
Black Belt Movers

Rebrand Flat Rate Movers to Black Belt Movers. Wanted a light hearted but professional image. With a tag line of "Mad Ninja Skills" they didn’t want to come off stuffy and corporate but unique and fast.

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