Other Stuff that Promotes Business: Trade Show Booths, Promo Items, Posters, Invitations...

From foam fingers to trade show displays and everything in between, we have had the opportunity to help communicate our clients message in a variety of ways. What are some different ways you can capture your customer’s attention?

Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Team HOT Foam Finger
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Division: Team HOT

Foam Finger & Event Intro Audio

At the beginning of the internal sales meeting everyone received a foam finger that ties into the Team HOT sports theme for the year. The speaker started off playing the “Foam Finger Wearer” audio to add excitement and levity to the event—it was a major success with the salespeople.
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Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Team HOT Note Cards
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Division: Team HOT

Note Cards

Cards that leadership would send notes, congrats, thanks or anything else they would like to send to the individual sales people. This gave the opportunity to create a personal connection.

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Titan Medical Group Trade Show Display
Titan Medical Group

Medical Professional Staffing Firm

Trade Show Display

Designed to use an existing display that Titan Medical uses at various shows they participate in. This display ties into the new brand image we developed for them and also to another display they wanted to continue to use.
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Greater Omaha
Chamber of Commerce Invitation
Greater Omaha
Chamber of Commerce


Invitation to an event to remember 9-11 and those who are fighting the war on terrorism.

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Genesis Group Church Bulletins
Genesis Group

On-line Church Marketing

Church Bulletins

Bulletin designs for Genesis Group are targeted to give churches the opportunity to bring their worship a more up-to-date, contemporary feel. Most bulletins produced for churches have a dated look and feel to them. Genesis Group is giving churches an alternative for all their communication needs.
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Dreamy Planets Children’s Book
Dreamy Planets

Children’s Book

Consulted, encouraged and helped the author pull his creation together as well as design and put together this children’s book about the universe we live in.

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Marian Health Center "Light a Child’s Life" Program, Limited Edition Print
Marian Health Center

"Light a Child’s Life" Program

Limited Edition Print

A signed Limited-Edition print given to those who donated $1,000 or more to the "Light a Child’s Life" program during their Christmas fundraiser. The program was designed to help children of dysfunctional families.

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FisherMen, Christian Music Ministry Concert Poster

Christian Music Ministry

Concert Poster

The FisherMen poster announces when and where they can be seen in concert. The poster is designed to give a feeling of who the FisherMen are: a contemporary Christian singing duo spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the world.

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