Branding Checklist

How do you market your company, organization, products and/or services if you don’t know who you are or what makes you different then everyone else? Start with a great foundation!

Your brand will help you develop your company's culture as well as how you talk and communicate with your customers.The Art of Branding Workbook by Color 9 Creative

We have developed a workbook, The Art of Branding, to help clients walk through the steps to build their unique brand. Below are some of the worksheets to help you build your brand. Why do we give them away when other companies charge you for this? One of Color 9 Creative’s Core Values is to "Help Others Win: Educate, mentor, build up people and businesses to succeed." This is one of the ways we do that. If you would like us to work with you through this process or consult with you as you go through the worksheets, please give us a call or email us.

Color 9 Creative Brand Checklist PDF Download the Color 9 Brand Checklist


1 | Core Values

The foundation of what the brand and brand culture is built upon. Without core values the company doesn’t have a rudder to steer the ship. They guide the company’s attitudes, choices, and actions when things are going smoothly and helps to make decisions in rough times. They create unity, strength, and trust.
Core Value Worksheets PDF Core Value Worksheets


2 | Purpose Statement

Expresses a deeply held personal passion/motivation for why the organization matters. The core purpose goes beyond the functional and operational aspects of the organization and instead speaks to the organizations higher calling, not the bottom line.
Purpose Startment Worksheet PDF Purpose Startment Worksheet


3 | Mission Statement

Written from a business perspective that acts as a compass for a brand’s direction. It needs to describe the purpose of the organization, who it serves, and most importantly the unique value it provides to its customer.
Mission Startment Worksheet PDF Mission Startment Worksheet


4 | Vision Statement

Describes where you are moving from, where you are going to, and by what means you are getting there. The best visions are inspirational, clear, memorable, and concise.
Vision Startment Worksheets PDF Vision Startment Worksheets


5 | Brand Promise

The essence of your brand in a simple sentence. It ensures continued focus on the ideal as the brand grows and every decision can be held up to it as a litmus test. It is a statement all employees can learn quickly and apply it to how they treat and help customers as well as solve business issues.
Brand Promise Worksheets PDF Brand Promise Worksheets


6 | Define Competitive Set

Define competitors that have services that could replace yours or are similar to yours.
Brand Personality Worksheets PDF Competitive Set Worksheets


7 | Brand Personality

Everyone is unique in their own way and we like to be associated with people with like interests, aspirations, and personalities. The same is true when it comes to businesses. People want to be associated with a brand that represents them or something they aspire to.
Brand Personality Worksheets PDF Brand Personality Worksheets


8 | Target Market

We can’t be everything to everybody! You should define and select the unique type of customer that you want to attract and make a connection with, understand their views and desires. That target market will help you prioritize efforts and resources where they will give you the biggest returns.
Target Market Worksheets PDF Target Market Worksheets


9 | Brand Identity

Once you know who you are with the above attributes, you can create how you look and sound: Logo, Brand Voice, Tagline, Color Palette, Typography, Visuals... Playground