Strengthen Your Brand

Branding Attibutes9 Tips to a Better Brand

  1. Most have a Clear Vision. What does the business stands for? Where is it headed? What makes it distinctive?
  2. The Brand Promise starts at the top. The leaders of the organization need to Own and be Zealous about the Brand Promise.
  3. Most build TRUST. The first building block of a brand.
  4. Make an emotional connection
    /relationship with your customer.
    The brand is what consumers/clients say about you not what you say you are.
  5. Set yourself apart. We notice what is different.
  6. Be consistently consistent. Look at all the touchpoints/interactions the organization has with customers. Are they all consistent with each other and the brand?
  7. Stay Relevant. Need to meet peoples wants and perform the way that meets or exceeds their expectations.
  8. Properly Positioned. Maximizes particular niche(s) in consumers’/clients’ minds.
  9. Does the brand make sense and is it believable? A living Brand is a pattern of behavior, not a slick exterior. Playground