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Get More Out of Your Website

  • Determine the goal of your Website. Is it to sell product, educate, inform about your services and products, build a community or get leads? Step back and define the objective of your site then look at it with fresh eyes and see if it is meeting those goals.
  • What is your competition doing? What do you like about their site and what do you dislike?
  • New visitors don’t spend a lot of time reading the first time on sites but scan the pages. Your site needs to answer questions in a matter of seconds: what is it about, how does it work, how do I buy, how can I contact you, why should I stay or come back? How are you going to make your site sticky so they want to come back?
  • Content. Content. Content. Content is one of the most important factors for Google searches and for people to come to your site. Whether it is to educate prospects (you become an expert) or adding products and descriptions—content is king. Plus when you keep adding content Google will like you more and it gives readers a reason to come back to your site.
  • Call to Action. Do you have a call to action on your pages? Do they know how to get a hold of you without searching everywhere? What do you want them to do? Create offers, whitepapers to give-a-way, webinars. Do you have a newsletter, a blog, Facebook, Twitter that they can sign-up for and follow you on? Get your prospects involved so you can stay in front of them on an ongoing basis.
  • The purpose of your site is not to bring everyone to it, but to bring the right people to it.
  • Market your website! Develop a marketing strategy and put it in place—if nobody knows about your site it can’t work for you. Playground