The Power of Design

Great design is increasingly one of the major determinants of a strong brand or product. Design helps a brand become special while making an enduring impression on increasingly hard to engage consumers who are rewarding it at the cash register.

How do you present your company to the world? Design is a powerful tool to help you tailor your image and communicate to others and let them know who you are, the quality of your service, product and what you do. It helps to set you apart from your competition and adds professionalism. Design should reflect the essence of the company or product and reflect the value and personality of your organization too.

image matches skillIf you are hiring an accountant and have two people to interview, one dressed like a construction worker and one in a suit and tie, which do you think your first impression would be to fit the position better. The same is true reversed—it wouldn’t make sense to have someone in a suit and tie doing construction work. Just as these individuals make a first impression and are dressed to match their skills, your company needs to do the same. The image of your ads, products, and message need to match the personality and image of your organization. Look at Target, design has played a vital roll in its stronghold in the retail market. They have set a new tone for discount department stores because of their branding, advertising and product lines.


What makes us buy a higher price item?

In a highly competitive market with little differences between offerings, the visual impact is often the determining key to what product or service a customer buys. A better design product adds value and desire because 60-80% of the reason we purchase a specific product is based on emotions. How does it feel, what does it smell like, what does it look like, taking all the senses into play to strengthen that emotional desire can help create a total experience for the consumer and plays a major part in the design experience.

Design is a part of every aspect of our lives, and we love doing it because good design is good business. Playground