Social Media NetworkingSocial Media Tips

Many of your customers and prospects are using social networking and you can leverage its power to communicate and connect with them. Here are a few tips to get you started or broaden what you are doing now.

Start Slow.

If you are just starting social media start small. Pick what you feel comfortable with and where your customers are talking and start there. Once you have that down move on to another. If you start with to many sites it can be overwhelming and your posts will suffer.

Make a Plan.

Develop a social media marketing plan and calendar. Some say social media is free but it still takes time and time is money. Ask what you want to achieve from social media and how you plan to get there. Also, put together a calendar of what you want to say, when and where. This will help you from being sucked into the social media black hole and manage your time.


Once you have mapped out a plan determine which platforms/sites best fit your business goals. Not all networks are the best fit to talk to your customers.  Where is your competition? Where are your customers hanging out on? Start with a platform you are comfortable with and build from there.

Measure Your Success.

Make sure you are measuring the results to make sure it’s worth the investment. Most social media applications have some type of analytics to be able to measure the results. Take the time to look at those and see where you should be investing your time and energy.


Social media is another tool for branding your company; make sure you stay consistent and true to your brand in this media. Make the tone of the writing and visual imagery build on the rest of your marketing. Every social media platform has an area for businesses to insert their brand image and message. Make sure you complete all of these. The more information you can share, the more comfortable others become with your company.

Diversify Your Content.

Share with your audience a wide variety of subject matter–they will get tired of just hearing about you and what you can do. Ask them questions, jump into conversations and answer their questions—after all this is Social Media. You can also post pertinent information and links to yours and other sites that will educate and entertain them. Add photos and videos that will add variety. Engaged users are loyal users. Playground