Understand Your Audience

Before looking at your products and service, look at your customers and users. Understand their wants and needs before you develop your offers so you can better serve them and in the long run… benefit you.Who is your aduience?

  • Talk to your customer
  • Send out paper or online surveys to gather information
  • Understand how they use your product and/or service
  • What are they saying in blogs, on Facebook, in Twitter or any other social media platforms
  • How do they get information
  • How do they make buying decisions
  • What do they do for a living
  • What do they do for fun
  • What type of lifestyle do they live
  • What type of lifestyle do they want
  • Where do they hangout after work and on weekends
  • Are they more professional or casual
  • Why do they need your product
  • Why do they want your product
  • Why do they use the competition
  • How are they engaging with your competition
  • What do they care about most

These are just a few things to get you thinking about how you can get into your customers mind. Once you have a strong demographic of who you are talking to you can create a stronger message and offer. Playground